Classification of Vitiligo


In simple words vitiligo is defined  as a skin disorder situation in which milky white patches appears on different part of body  due to Depigmentation .pigments are specials kin of cells responsible for coloration  of body, reasons behind Depigmentation is unknown. Classification of vitiligo is very simple easy to understand. Two types of vitiligo are

 Segmental vitiligo

Vitiligo patches limited to a segment of the body, usually in a non segmental pattern. This form of vitiligo has a younger onset.

Non segmental vitiligo

In this type of vitiligo patches appears in a very symmetrical way. Its size increase gradually. Third class of vitiligo is combination of above both. vitiligo is classified in other  groups which is sub groups of segmental an non segmental  vitiligo as on it appears on several  part of body but small in size.

Generalized vitiligo

Mostly people are not aware of non-segmental vitiligo; it is characterized by symmetrical distribution generalized over certain areas of the body.

Universals vitiligo

This is the most extensive and most uncommon form of vitiligo. Complete or nearly complete Depigmentation of the skin.

Acral vitiligo

When Depigmentation attacked on fingers and toes, anogenital area, and on face is referred as acral vitiligo.

Focal vitiligo

A few isolated white patches in various body areas are known as focal vitiligo. It is thought that focal vitiligo may be a pre-cursor of generalized vitiligo

Mucosal vitiligo

In this class of vitiligo disorder of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and genitals is appeared on treatment side numbers of vitiligo treatments are available. Some most popular way is herbal treatments / vitiligo cure oil, surgical treatment, medical treatment etc.


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